We are expanding our selection of injury recovery solutions yet again! Starting this spring, Cool Relief will be adding Ice20 to our growing selection of ice packs in all of our distribution outlets. Just in time for the summer months! Look for Ice20 on our amazon storefront, eBay, and of course CoolRelief.net and DiscountIceWraps.com in the near future!

Pro Series Ice Packs at CoolRelief.net

Starting this July, Cool Relief will begin offering authentic Pro Series ice packs on several of our distribution outlets! These products are the original, high quality ice pack of their kind, designed and innovated here in the USA. Endorsed by professional athletes, trainers, and coaches everywhere, we are very excited to add this product line to our online stores. Email customerservice@coolrelief.net for preorder inquiries or check CoolRelief.net for more information about our inventory delivery date!

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Ice Packs for Spring!

Spring is getting closer! Stock up on ice wraps and be prepared for athletic injuries before they happen! Shop CoolRelief.net for all of the best ice pack and ice wrap products on the market!

Kold-Rite Compression Wraps Coming Soon!

We are expanding again! CoolRelief.net will soon be offering KOLD-RITE cool compression wraps for affordable and convenient cold compression therapy!

The Shower Shield Water Barrier: Allows Wounds to Heal Properly

Shower Shield Catheter Cover
Recovering from an injury, or dealing with catheters and PICC lines for a prolonged period of time, is sometimes more difficult than it seems. Even simple tasks - taking a shower - can become complicated and risky, potentially leading to infection, ruining the dressing of a wound, or slowing the healing process.

That's where the Shower Shield comes into play, and you'll see that this is an extremely convenient and long lasting product which will come in handy in a variety of different circumstances.

Available in multiple sizes, from 4x4 inches up to 10x12 inches, the Shower Shield is used to protect a specific area of your body from getting wet in the shower. Simply use the size which most completely covers the dressing or the wound itself, without the adhesive coming into contact with it.

You'll save money, time and aggravation, and require fewer dressing changes.

The Shower Shield Catheter Cover is an ideal solution for patients with catheters, central or PICC lines, stomas, stunts or colostomies. It's also a fantastic way to allow newly received tattoos to heal.

This is a latex-free product made from a polyurethane film and acrylic adhesive, so individuals with latex allergies won't have any concerns using this.

But best of all, it's clinically proven to be effective in keeping water away from the covered area. You can shower without concern, and rest easy knowing that you're keeping wetness and bacteria away from the wound.

Right now, you can purchase the Shower Shield in 1-week packs for individual sizes, or variety packs including a sample of each size, including 4x4 inches, 7x7 inches, 9x9 inches and 10x12 inches.

They're very affordable, and they'll actually help you save money as you won't have to change your dressings and buy new ones as frequently. And the convenience, ease of use and flexibility they provide are all invaluable to anybody recovering from a wound, coping with long term catheters or PICC lines, or protecting their new tattoo.

Whether you are in this situation today and need to put the product to use immediately, or you'd like to prepare for the future and stock up just in case, you'll love the Shower Shield.

Cool Relief provides ice wraps, shower shields, and cold packs for all sorts of injuries. Visit our website for more information and please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for our latest updates! 

Cool Relief Summer Sale!

     The summer games may be over, but many athletes still have injuries! Use Cool Relief reusable ice wraps for a convenient, effective, and faster recovery!

Shower Shield Bulk Packs

CoolRelief.net is now offering the new Shower Shield Water Barriers in 7 day bulk packs! Available in 4"x4", 7"x7", 9"x9", and even a larger 10"x12" size not available anywhere else! By protecting injury dressings and catheters with Shower Shield you reduce the risk of infection from waterborne bacteria and aid in a more effective injury recovery. These bulk packs allow you to save money while staying safe!

Ultimate Ice Wraps

     As Always, we are expanding! Cool Relief has added yet another line of cold therapy rehabilitation products to reduce pain relief and promote an efficient recovery! The all new line of products by Ultimate Ice Wraps is now available through CoolRelief.net! Check out the site for these and other amazing products!

Shower Shield Water Barrier

Keep your injury under wraps and safe from bacteria or infection with the Shower Shield Water Barrier! Now only $5.95 at CoolRelief.net!!!

Shower Shield is more convenient and comfortable than other methods of covering bandaged wounds, and requires fewer dressing changes, which helps make patients more comfortable and saves time and money!

Shower Shield Offers Great Coverage for:
-Central lines

A to P Total Knee Wrap

     We've done it again! In our search for the best ice wraps and ice packs, we've added another excellent knee ice wrap product to CoolRelief.net! Check out the Knee ice wrap by A to P Total Knee Wraps coming soon. This knee ice pack offers total coverage for post operative care and knee compression therapy. Find it soon at CoolRelief.net!

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Unbeatable deals on Ice Wraps, Ice Packs, and Personal Cooling Solutions!
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