Cool Relief Trainers Ice Wrap Kits

     At we offer a large selection of complete ice wrap kits, these ice wrap kits include everything trainers or coaches need for extended field and general cold therapy, for use by an entire team. The Ice Wrap Kits include ice wraps for every body part in one convenient package, the complete ice wrap kits is the most cost effective way to provide cold therapy ice wraps to your entire team.

The Pro Ice PI 900 Team Ice Wrap Kit includes everything needed for extended field cold therapy use by a team including (3) PI 200 Adult Shoulder/Elbow Ice Wraps, (2) PI 400 Multipurpose Ice Wraps, (1) PI 500 Ankle Ice Wrap, (1) PI 300 Wrist Ice Wrap and (1) PI 620 Pro Ice Cooler Bag. Under ideal conditions, the Ice wraps and extra ice inserts can remain usable for six to eight hours. Priced as a package, the team ice wrap kit represents a very cost effective way to have a complete team icing system at your disposal.

The Complete Ice Pack Kit by Cool Relief is a re-freezable 10 piece athletic trainers/coaches ice pack kit. This kit of ice packs is perfect for use on the sidelines, practice field, and other athletic events. The Complete Ice Pack Kit includes the follwing ice wraps made by Cool Relief!  Shoulder Ice WrapKnee ice wrap, Hip Ice WrapAnkle Ice Wrap, Wrist Ice Wrap, Universal Ice Wrap and more.

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