Knee Ice Packs at Cool Relief has a variety of cold compression knee ice wraps. The knee ice packs and knee gel packs we offer help reduce pain, swelling, and stiffness in the knee area.

     Whether you need chronic knee pain relief from injuries linked to overuse or running, pain from a sports related injury including torn ligaments and cartilage tears, pain from work related damage, or any other reason for causing soreness and tenderness in the knee, has the knee ice wrap or knee gel wrap for you. We are working every day to supply the wrap you need at the lowest price on the web, take a look at a few of our current best sellers:

 The compression gel wrap made by Cool Relief is unique. Like the other soft gel ice wrap products made by Cool Relief, it contains a removable soft gel cold insert that holds ice pillows to improve longevity in therapy time while still being soft and malleable to the knee area. This item also has the ability to be used as a cold therapy wrap and a heat therapy wrap.

Cool Relief’s knee ice pack is different than its soft gel knee ice pack in that it provides some medium level support while compressing to the knee. A Dual level ice insert provides medium flexibility which can not only reduce swelling and tissue damage, but also help to reduce certain movements in the knee area and joint that may promote that damage. 

The "no"hole" design used in ColdOne ice wraps drives cold deep into tissue providing maximum assistance to reducing damage and therapy time. This design also allows the unit to provide complete compression even after the unit is thawed. This item provides quick and efficient relief from sprains and strains, ACL injuries, meniscus, kneecap or other knee muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The knee ice wrap by Pro Ice, or the Pro Ice PI 400 Multi-Purpose Wrap is a universal wrap made by ProIce that can be used anywhere needed. The wrap however, is perfect for the knee area with dual adjustable straps and flexibility to wrap comfortable around the knee area. Used for all common injuries to the knee this wrap is also lightweight and can easily be worn.

 Made by Pro Ice specifically for the knee, the Pro Ice knee cold therapy wrap or the Pro Ice PI 420 Pro Knee Wrap is made using a dual layer ice blanket to provide extended relief (up to 2 hours) while form fitting compression provides relief deep into patella and the anterior and medial ligaments.

The large universal Trainers Pick Ice Wrap is an excellent product. This universal wrap is one of the lowest priced and highest quality products on the market. Form fitting soft gel will compress to the knee area providing comfortable relief from knee pain. This product comes with a detachable elastic strap that can be used to make the product into a knee wrap, shoulder wrap, hip wrap and much more!

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