Shoulder Ice Wrap by ColdOne

     The ColdOne Shoulder Ice Wrap is perfect for use on rotator cuff or shoulder injuries caused by repetitive stressed shoulders or sports injuries are common, painful, interupt sleep, and can take a long time to heal. This shoulder ice wrap offers cold compression rotator cuff therapy treatment for your torn rotator cuff and stops pain and swelling while your shoulder heals.

     Cold One ice wraps are the premier ice wraps for a shoulder injury or torn rotator cuff. The Cold One shoulder ice wrap is made for the individual or athlete whose motions cause repetitive stress to the shoulder and rotator cuff by providing Cold Compression to stop shoulder swelling, inflammation and stop shoulder pain.

     Inflammation is the result of the soft tissue injury and the pain won't stop and the injury won't heal until the inflammation is diminished. Each time you feel pain in your shoulder, you are probably slightly re-injuring yourself and increasing inflammation. The Cold One Ice Shoulder Wrap STOPS PAIN AND REMOVES INFLAMMATION the very first time you wear it for only 10 minutes. Daily use is recommended until the shoulder is completely pain free and all range of motion has been restored. The shoulder wrap can be frozen in a home refrigerator freezer within 2 hours.

The Cold One shoulder ice wrap is designed specifically to provide torn rotator cuff therapy for tennis shoulders, baseball pitcher's shoulders, football, volleyball and swimmers who repeatedly stress the shoulder muscles, and joints through repetitive overhead activity involving the shoulder rotator cuff. Cold One® cold compression wraps are recommended by practioners of sports medicine to reduce swelling and pain.

The wrap provides icing and compression to several areas including the front of the rib cage, over the upper chest, over the shoulder, down the upper back, and around the upper bicep.

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