Total Ice Therapy Wraps Coming Soon!

DR. LOWENBERG'S TOTAL ICE THERAPY is an ice wrap that provides a cold therapy solution for injuries to athletes and non-athletes alike. These wraps are used by physical therapists, athletes, post-surgical patients, and every day people who become injured.

TOTAL ICE THERAPY uses an ice bag with a screw top combined with a neoprene wrap to provide firm, consistent pressure to maximize healing. The principle behind this is that real ice decreases pain, swelling, and inflammation best. The unique design of these ice wraps makes for easy compliance of a recovery regime because they are easy to use, they stay in place, and you can always get ice anywhere you go. In addition to treating injuries from everyday physical work.

TOTAL ICE THERAPY also specializes in treating injuries from baseball, basketball, football, tennis, volleyball, soccer, kickboxing, hockey, swimming, running, and waterpolo.

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