Now Selling Trainers Pick Cold Therapy Wraps

Trainers Pick Cold Therapy Ice Wraps are designed by sports medicine professionals for all of your therapy needs. Used in hospitals, clinics, on the field and at home nationwide, these ice wraps are great for chronic joint pain, sprains, post-operative cold therapy, arthritis, bumps and bruises. Get a Trainers Pick Ice Wrap at Cool Relief today!

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  1. These are excellent universal ice packs. They are perfect to keep in the freezer for whenever an ice pack may be needed and can be used for many areas of the body. has them at a really good price. They have a large version which comes with elastic straps that can be made into a knee ice pack, shoulder ice pack, hip ice pack, back ice pack, thigh ice pack, calf ice pack, elbow ice pack, and more.

    Here is a link:


    Also they have a smaller version that doesnt quite cover as much area, but it is perfect for use as a general ice pack and takes up less freezer space and cost a little less.

    Here is a link to that:

    Cool Relief is one of the ONLY companies that sell this brand name and they have them for a great price too!