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Proven Tennis Injury Treatment For 3 Common Injury Areas In A Single Wrap!

The Cold One 3-in-1 Injury Ice Wrap can be applied to the elbow, hand/wrist, or foot for a variety of common injuries and ailments.

The ColdOne Knee Ice Wrap provides quick and efficient relief to stop swelling and pain from an active sprain or strain or from a reoccurring injury to the ACL, meniscus, kneecap or other knee muscles, tendons and ligaments. The "no-hole" design of the ColdOne Knee Ice Wrap drives cold deep into all areas of the knee, including the kneecap, for maximum cold compression therapy to reduce swelling and pain. The ColdOne knee ice wrap will continue to provide full compression even when thawed for continued support.

The Pro Ice PI 420 Pro Knee Wrap is designed specifically for the knee. It contains a double layer of ice for extended cold therapy – up to two hours. Cold and compression are applied to the patella as well as anterior and medial ligaments. This product both stabilizes and ices the injured knee.

The Cool Relief soft gel hip ice wrap will effectively reduce pain and swelling to the entire hip area. The Cool Relief hip ice wrap is perfect for post hip surgery or injury to the hip. The Cool Relief hip gel ice pack stays soft and flexible right from the freezer.

The Recover Gear elbow ice wrap sleeve is perfect for anyone that needs a quick and effective way to provide relief to the elbow and surrounding tendons and ligaments.

The Recover Gear knee ice wrap sleeve is designed to provide hot or cold therapy to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the knee. Because of the unique design of the Fizio knee ice wrap sleeve, it can either be worn as support or as a garment that facilitates hot or cold therapy. Great for athletes pre, post or during activity or for use in physical therapy.

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  1. knee sleeves is nesscesary for us if we don't want to be knee pain