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Our original cold therapy product outdistances any cold pack on the market. Initially designed to treat pitchers’ injuries and prevent repetitive stress damage, even non-athletes are finding benefits from the compression and cold therapy unit.

The Pro Ice PI 400 Multi-Purpose Wrap is ideal for general cold therapy on almost any part of the body including knee, lower back, shin, hip, quad and hamstring. Elastic straps and flexible structure make this an extremely comfortable wrap to use. Physical Therapists, Chiropractic Clinics and Medical Professionals routinely recommend and distribute this wrap as a component of their treatment scenarios. Additional ice inserts are available to extend a therapy session.

Many of us carry tension at the top of our shoulders, in the area known as the scapula and cervical collar. Others have pain for reasons such as bursitis or muscle strain. Perhaps it’s an injury or pain for surgery. Whatever the reason, Pro Ice’s cold therapy provides outstanding relief. Those who have stress-induced pain particularly benefit from icing as a non-toxic pain reliever. Icing can help you live pain free. Combining ice with compression far outperforms any disposable cold wrap or instant cold pack. Pro Ice holds at a consistent temperature and doesn’t drip. Pro Ice also allows the user to remain mobile while icing, adding convenience to pain relief. Stress induced pain sufferers have found this wrap to be particularly effective.

The Pro Ice PI 260 Shoulder Wrap provides compression and cold therapy to the rotator cuff and upper arm. The wrap remains therapeutically cold up to one hour and is highly adjustable for proper fit. Extra ice inserts are available for extended therapy sessions. Designed initially for athletes, mobility in use and durability are two key characteristics of the PI 260.

Whether it is athletics, hobbies or on the job, our wrists bear a lot of pressure. It’s no wonder that carpal tunnel and tendinitis (also known as tendonitis) are such big problems. Ice can help prevent long-term damage that comes from typing, gardening, working or gripping a tennis racket or golf club. Icing also alleviates pain from injuries. But not just any cold pack will do. Pro Ice maintains a consistent temperature for an hour, allowing the user to ice for 20 minutes on, 20 off and 20 on. Pro Ice’s wrist wrap, which extends from the base of the thumb to the midpoint of the lower arm, also combines compression. This helps keep the cold wrap in place, allowing the user to remain mobile, and also helps the ice deeply penetrate to where the pain relief is needed. Ice immediately after an activity to prevent long-term damage.

The Pro Ice PI 900 Team Ice Wrap Kit includes everything needed for extended field cold therapy use by a team including (3) PI 200 Adult Shoulder/Elbow Ice Wraps, (2) PI 400 Multipurpose Ice Wraps, (1) PI 500 Ankle Ice Wrap, (1) PI 300 Wrist Ice Wrap and (1) PI 620 Pro Ice Cooler Bag. Under ideal conditions, the Ice wraps and extra ice inserts can remain usable for six to eight hours. Priced as a package, the team ice wrap kit represents a very cost effective way to have a complete team icing system at your disposal.
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